Why Facebook Is Essential to Marketing

One question on Quora asks: why is Facebook essential to B2B marketing? Actually, Facebook is an insanely powerful tool in B2B Marketing (likewise in B2C). Facebook has 1.23 billion monthly active users, 945 million mobile users, and 757 million daily users – that is the rough estimate of possible prospects in B2C. Of course, with that broad number, it is also helpful in connecting with B2B leads. Moreover, should you need a more niche-specific social media platform, I would recommend LinkedIn. It is easier and more lead-specific compared to Facebook. Moreover, it is easier to decipher if the prospect is a DM (decision maker) or not. The information displayed on LinkedIn, furthermore, offers good research grounds in your B2B lead generation.

Moreover, another question asks: ‘what social media channels should I use to get customers aside from Facebook and Instagram?’ Well, there is power in social media – it is actually overwhelming. Actually, quantity is not the key. Facebook and Instagram are powerful social media channels. I suggest you go focus on creating quality posts. Build the profile that you want. Create an appealing logo, picture of your shop, make the best version of your shop for your profile picture and cover photo, just fill out your profile. Next ask friends to like and share your page. You can also enroll your page in Facebook’s ads. It’s pretty affordable and that will also allow you to specify your target audience. You can also join groups and post your services there.

Moreover, you can also make a blog or website of your shop. It is pretty easy. You can use free blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger. On the other hand, you can also purchase your own domain. Remember, marketing is one key to business success.

Lastly, another question is aired: ‘how can I get my sales team to use social media?’ Actually, you can start small by inviting them to like and share the status or post of your company. You may then proceed by setting up a meeting and showing them the relevance of social media in lead generation. To some, it may just be ‘added work’, but encourage them that the task will magnify the chances of better prospecting. You can encourage them to use several social media platforms such as LinkedIn (best for B2B), Facebook, or any other platform worth checking out. Education is the key.

Facebook is a powerful tool in marketing and holds the key to more opportunities among the roster of people using social media. Facebook is also a good tool in studying the market, and in lead generation as well.

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