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Why are NCR CounterPoint POS Systems Beneficial?

In today’s world of retail markets, creating products has never been enough and that’s it. You also need to differentiate yourself in a highly tough industry where you compete against big companies and larger chains. If you noticed, these larger chains do have excellent strategies. If you did not heard about this, the world of innovation has created the NCR CounterPoint POS Systems. They deliver a retail management system to empower business for the merchants of different sizes. With that said, the size of your business becomes immaterial. The objective is to reduce the costs and increase the sales. The POS System functionality executes the transactions efficiently, while having the feature of office capabilities to optimize the performance.

The NCR Counterpoint system covers e-mail marketing tool, mobile alerting, integrated e-commerce, customer loyalty programs, hardware, and built-in gift card designed intentionally for the retail environment. The NCR Counterpoint is configurable. Therefore, retailers can sell online through the e-commerce solution. Without a doubt, the integrated email marketing system allows the retailers to utilize the data in order to produce email marketing campaigns. The mobile alerts help people create activities in an email or SMS format. POS terminals applied along with the work of NCR Counterpoint systems can be done to be manual entry, or touchscreen depending on need. They cover employee tracking and intersystem messaging to create the best communication system Due to this development, the users can now monitor all the sales and pull the day to day reports with the capacity to take instant readings. NCR CounterPoint POS Systems needs Windows OS and Microsoft SQL Server for it to run. It is offered as either hosted system or an on-premise and requires hardware from either third-party or NCR.

This product also has different functions. it has great interface. In the touchscreen buttons, it is just easy to change the screen design. It also has lesser maintenance. The Close out process works simple but well. According to the users, it is just easy to install and setup.The number one advantage is the fact that it integrates perfectly to the NCR Retail Online application.the product is a good solution. All the process of orders will be back down in the Counterpoint POS.

NCR Counterpoint includes built-in customer loyalty, inventory management software, robust point-of-sale, configurable reporting capabilities, and automated purchasing. Extend your business through integrated email marketing, eCommerce and mobile POS to give your customers a perfect shopping experience. NCR Counterpoint is a flexible solution that could be applied to different operation layouts, sizes, and formats. NCR CounterPoint is a one-time retail management remedy delivering a Inventory Management, Point of Sale check out, and Reporting and Analytics, while adding features since you need these features without using a third-party application.

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