Mistakes to Avoid Immediately After a Car Crash

For a minor accident, resolving the insurance claim usually isn’t a problem. However, when it comes to accidents involving several vehicles or multiple injuries, the claim can be a lot more complicated. Injured people might not be thinking clearly immediately after the crash and might say things they don’t mean. Although the moments after a car accident can be stressful, there are a few things an driver or injured passenger must avoid in order to ensure their claim is processed without any unnecessary delays.

It’s important to remain calm. The driver should check to see whether the passengers in their car and everyone in the other car are injured prior to calling for the police. If there are any injuries, this should be reported during that call so the operator can dispatch paramedics at the same time. Although it might seem reasonable to deny injuries because going to the hospital will take even more time out of the day, getting immediate treatment is important. Like the article at http://www.lifeinabreakdown.com/5-big-blunders-made-by-accident-victims-without-a-lawyer/ states, lying about injuries at this point could make is difficult to claim them later.

Another mistake some people make when it comes to auto accident claims is not being honest with the officers who process the scene or the insurance company. Inconsistent statements cause red flags that lead the insurance company to investigate further into the accident to find the truth. It’s much easier to tell the truth over and over than to remember a lie. Insurance claims are processed by professionals who will do everything they can to pay the least amount possible to an accident victim. Lying about the accident is an easy way to get the claim denied.

Accident victims often make the mistake of trusting their insurance company to do what’s best for them. Unfortunately, these companies exist to make a profit and paying out large claims cuts into their bottom line. Claimants should be aware of this when they file their claim and when they have any additional conversations with company representatives. Although it’s important to answer truthfully, it’s equally important to understand the question prior to answering so the agent can’t use the crash victim’s own words against them.

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