Identifying Penalties For DUI In North Carolina

In North Carolina, strict laws apply to any driver who chooses to drive while they are intoxicated. The blood alcohol content reading defines whether or not they are guilty. However, implied consent is initiated the moment that the vehicle is mobile. The following are details about the penalties for DUI in North Carolina.

What is the Assigned Blood Alcohol Content Reading?

A blood-alcohol content reading of 0.08% is needed to convict drivers who are 21 for a DUI. All commercial drivers who are at least 21-years of age are guilty if they have a blood-alcohol reading of 0.04%. All minors are guilty of a DUI if they have any alcohol concentration. Any driver who has a previous record of a DUI is convicted with a blood alcohol content reading of 0.04%.

What are the Administrative DUI Penalties?

The driver will incur a driver’s license suspension of one year for the first offense. The second offense if it occurs within a two-year period, incurs a suspension of four years. Any third offense within a three-year period incurs permanent suspension of the driver’s license.

What are the DUI Penalties for Adult Drivers?

A level 5 DUI incurs a preliminary suspension of thirty days. The state may provide a limited privilege to drive after ten days. The fine won’t exceed $200. The defendant will spend at least one day and a maximum of sixty days in county lockup. They must also participate in a drug or alcohol abuse program.

A level 4 DUI applies the same preliminary suspension. The fines are increased to a maximum of $500. The defendant could spend a minimum of two days to 120 days in county lock up. The defendant must fulfill the same treatment program.

A level 3 DUI incurs the preliminary requirement for suspension. The fines are increased up to $1,000. The defendant is facing a prison sentence between 72-hours and six months. The drug or alcohol treatment program is also required.

In North Carolina, all drivers who choose to drive while intoxicated are subject to criminal penalties. They will face license suspensions, jail or prison sentences, and hefty fines. Defendants facing these charges visit for more information now.

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