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How To Apply Influencer Marketing In Your Marketing Campaigns? Influencer’s role in promoting and marketing content in the past several years has been observed. This is the reason why a number of content marketers have decided to incorporate influencer marketing and several other means of content promotion in their campaigns. Influencer marketing statistics have actually been favorable to them in a way that many companies started investing in it. Some of the social media sites that are perfect for sharing content are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to which these platforms were able to amass millions to even billions of active users a month. Say that you find an influencer marketer and has established a relationship with them, they can open new doors for you. But the question that many are asking is, how is it possible to put together content marketing as well as influencer marketing on the same page? In relation to this, you might want to be aware of the tips below. Number 1. Find out the authorities in your niche – every single niche has an authority of its own and these are the people who got experience and vast knowledge in their respective field or industry and they are able to impart what they know to others. Many people are actually in need of these tips and professional advice and due to the reason that they look up to these authorities, they can be influenced by such and follow their link. Right then and there, the influencer has already impacted the behavior of the consumer on what and where to buy. Thus, if the influencer is on your side, they can directly point these people to your store and make a quick sale out of it.
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Number 2. Evaluate the influencer – you just can’t contact all influencers at once since it will be a waste of your energy and time. Reality bites, a big number of them will just ignore you or even worse, many are just not suitable for your brand for some reasons.
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It is preferable if you can work with one whose content has high relevance to you brand, after all you should know that the following of the influencer isn’t the only factor that must be taken into account prior to working with one. Number 3. Establish your relationship with the influencer marketer – it is hard and a bit awkward at first to find out how you can connect with your prospect. But, the simplest and the least creepy way of doing it is starting small. For the subsequent weeks, you can do this by dropping a comment on their posts, following them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, subscribing to their blog sites and so on. Do not stop until they started noticing you and when that time comes, that is when you should start to take actions by being friendly and respond to their replies, this will make them check your stuff and the rest will follows.