SomeTips to Take Care of Your Hair

Having curly hair through tools and chemicals is easy, but not natural. So for women who have a natural this type of crown, congratulation. So what you need to do is trying to keep your curly hair stay healthy and stunning. Here are the simple tips for you.

1. Shampoo your hair. This is the best way to cleanse and condition your hair. It keeps your curls pointing downward. Specifically for curly type, washing your hair while your head is upside down, and then flipping your head back, simply let the water run down the length of your hair as you stand straight under the shower head.

2. Never forget to make your hair well-moisturized. No oils, but only with regular conditioning and deep conditioning. Well conditioned hair will not make the curl looks dry.

3. Right products. Beautiful hair needs effort, time, and money. So you will also need great products to style and treatment your crown. In styling process, buy hair extensions online you must apply the product while it wet. So, after shampooing and conditioning, never towel dry, but squeeze the excess water from your hair.

4. The next thing is dividing hair into two sections. This will full coverage of hair products application. Then work with a section of hair, applying product from the roots all the way to the ends.

5. Never scrunching it. You should know that scrunching hair that’s already curly will only cause it to become frizzy.